how to maintain your sliding door?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

your sliding door have metal rollers under the door, they can last for about 15-20 years if you know how to maintain them.

1. fiirst and most important, usually the sliding door will be an outside door and that's why a lot of dirt and dust come inside the track and every time you open and close the door ut get inside the wheels and ruin them. so the first thing to do to prevent your wheels from get stuck you have to vacum the track at least once a week.

2. because your rollers are metal make sure that no water get inside the track, don't ever use water to clean the track and make sure that there is no water leaking.

3. if the door is hard to slide don't ever use WD-40 or GREASE, those 2 are sticky and even if you use it once it can ruin the wheels, WD-40 and GREASE are sticky and if you lubericant with one of those the rollers will get stick and will collect all the dirt and the dust that collects on the track and it will ruin your rollers. you need to use only silicone luberication

4. every sliding door have adjustment screw, if you see that the door drag on the truck you can try to adjust the door and make it higher so it can slide easier, when you do that you need to make sure that you raise both of the wheels to the same hieght.

5. if the door is realy hard to slide try don't use it too much becuse the wheels are metal and the track is metal so every time you open and close the door the wheels scratch the track and make it lower, at the end you'll need to replace the track too.

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